Laboratory instruments

TECHNISERV has a long-standing experience in checking and testing the following equipments:

  • Control & Calibration (temperature CO2 concentration) of CO2-Incubators all types.

  • Steam sterilisation : autoclave mapping and sterilisation cycle validation.

  • Cryo-freezers: IVF, blood transfusion or bone marrow applications. Service and control of Planer Cryofreezers units.

  • Climatic chambers, Controlled environments: mapping and qualification.

  • Laboratory monitoring: LABGUARD® system for physical parameters tracability in freezers, incubators.


Services détails:

  • Temperature control, setting.
  • CO2 concentration setting.
  • In line HEPA Filter control (change when necessary).
  • Electronic control board calibration, zero and span,
    (when necessary).
  • General Control of all fluids, gases, power supply, inlets, outlets.
  • Alarm tests.
  • Zero CO2.
  • Control of all seals (change when necessary).
  • Heater elements Resistance check.
  • General functional control.
  • Test certificate issued with details about testing procedures, calibrated instruments used, repairs undertaken, advice…


  • Chamber and interanl elements cleaning (should be done at least every three months ba the user).
  • Jacket water replacement (every 5 to 10 years).
  • Chamber decontamination with our Decontakit formaldehyde based decontamination kit.
  • Repairs, Transportation (on call)

Services détails:

  • Qualification principle of the equipment:
    – Based on ISO 17665 or specified client requirement.
    – Installation Qualification (reception).
    – Operational Qualification (installation).
    – Performance Qualification: validation with load and requalification.
  • Definition of the loads(empty, different loads).
  • Test protocol established and based on the following conditions:

    – Functionning principle of the equipment, regulation principle.
    – Chamber volume.
    – Situation of the steam injection points.
    – Vacuum cycle(s).
  • Calculation of the number and situation of the measuring points.
  • Installation of the probes.
  • Test cycles undertaken according to the validation specification.
  • Raw Data acquisition and F0 calculation, stability times and all critical datas, with improvement proposals.
  • Qualification report with all results and test instruments used, comentaries and installation status, Uncertainty report in accordance with FD X 15 140.


  • Liquid Nitrogen Valve preventive replacement.
  • Liquid Nitrogen circuit control (tightness, isolation). Control of the pipes and fittings.
  • Control of all seals.
  • Chamber cleaning.
  • Fan, motor, rotation control.
  • General control of all input-outputs, mains, printer, controler unit.
  • Control, replacement of the fuses.

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  • Main controler unit: internal parameters, configuration.
  • PT-100 Temperature probes, chamber and sample.
  • Alarm functions, test.
  • Heater elements (when necessary).
  • Each input-output signal.
  • Test program in order to check all components with printing.
  • test certificate with results, testing instruments, rpairs, advice.


Automatic Cleanroom/Lab Monitoring

An efficient, continuous monitoring and recording system for quality assurance. This modular system which is easily adaptable and upgradable to suit every physical parameter monitoring application will guarantee immense time savings.

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Accrédité laboratoire d’essais pour mesures de salle blanche, flux d’air et zone à contamination contrôlé selon la norme ISO/CEI 17025 – 2005


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